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Healing Architecture

"Can rooms heal? Yes in five theses!"

What powers and properties do we attribute to spaces and architectures? Can spaces heal, is there something like ´healing architecture?

We agree that there are rooms that make people ill. It follows that there must also be rooms that make healthy. The nature of the materials, size and layout of the room, factors such as light, color, air and sound obviously have an influence on the bodies and souls of the users of the room.

  1. There are rooms that make people ill - so there are also rooms that make people healthy.
  2. In nature there are deserts and streams; in architecture there are underground garages and lofts.
  3. spaces have virtues (according to Botton), among them those with healing effects
  4. healing spaces promote the activities of daily life (according to Juchli), if they meet certain criteria that correspond to the purpose and situation.
  5. healing spaces are created on the basis of the perception of reality (according to Mies van der Rohe), through a process of participation and appreciation - by and for patients, healing staff and visits.